Xor Systems relish creating and embedding intelligent technology in other people’s products to make them smarter and more useful.

You may be an entrepreneur with a new business idea, a manufacturing company looking for additional design input, a business with a brilliant idea and no internal capabilities, or looking to outsource a specific project.

We love exploring the possibilities in new technologies, exploiting existing technologies in new ways, and looking for ways to make products shine. Our skills in electronics, software, and mechanical systems can help you to develop and evolve your products.

Working in partnership, we can achieve your objectives, so call us about your requirements and project ideas!

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We have considerable experience of developing system software for embedded hardware, systems development for applications to run on embedded systems and application software for desktops.

We have used major software languages, such as Delphi, Java, C# and C++. When we write software for embedded systems, we use assembler or C. We tend to use AVR devices for low power systems and for more powerful systems, we use ARM processors, with embedded Linux as the operating system. Our embedded systems knowledge is enhanced through the use of web technologies such as REST and JSON for communication, HTML5 for display, and by using appropriate frameworks for PHP or Javascript in order to generate compelling user interfaces and analytical displays.

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Specialising in systems that are embedded, our emphasis is on small, battery powered systems with wireless connectivity. We have the people and the expertise to design a wide range of electronic and computer systems.

Hardware design covers both mechanical design (or product design) and electronics design. Covering both disciplines, our expert designers have proven experience in product design, 3D modelling, modelling in plastic, and use of CAD tools. We like to prototype using rapid prototyping techniques, as we've found that there is nothing quite like handling a product as early in the design process as possible.

On electronics design, we can offer a full design service, from prototyping to full PCB production. This includes PCB layout, prototype assembly and test, regulatory compliance testing, design transfer to volume manufacturing and production support.

Hardware design

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